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Frequently asked questions.

Get answers to commonly asked questions about our services, process, and how we can help you and your community create an impact.

What is the primary focus of Unify Partners?

Unify Partners is dedicated to empowering Canadian communities, particularly Non-Profits and Indigenous communities. Our primary focus is on driving socio-economic growth by providing these communities with vital funding opportunities and capacity-building resources.

How does Unify Partners support Non-Profit Organizations (NPOs)?

We offer a range of tailored solutions for NPOs. This includes co-developing training and social development programs positioned for government funding, bolstering organizational capacity to acquire grant funding and other revenue, and creating strategic tools like government relations plans, impact assessments, and revenue diversification strategies.

Why is collaboration a cornerstone of Unify Partners' approach?

Collaboration is key to understanding and addressing the unique needs of each community. By co-developing initiatives and working hand-in-hand with Non-Profits and Indigenous communities, we ensure that our solutions are both impactful and sustainable, leading to long-term positive change.

How does Unify Partners respect and incorporate Indigenous traditions and values?

Unify Partners recognizes the deep connection Indigenous communities have with the land. We're committed to a distinction-based approach, working alongside dozens of Indigenous communities and organizations across Turtle Island. This ensures that our collaborations are respectful, informed, and in alignment with the aspirations of Indigenous communities.

What future projects or initiatives does Unify Partners have in the pipeline?

Unify Partners is continually evolving to meet the dynamic needs of Canadian communities. While we have several projects in the works, such as collaborations with specific NPOs and Indigenous, we're also exploring new avenues for socio-economic development and capacity building. Stay tuned to our website and social media channels for regular updates on our latest initiatives.